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Mitchell Durham, PhD

LifeChange Philosophy

Counseling in a Christian context can be compared to a discipling process in which the individual is aided in becoming more reflective of the life God intends us to live. In theological terms this is sometimes referred to as "sanctification." This process is both a human and a spiritual endeavor.  

A Christian Psychologist trained in both theology and psychology is uniquely positioned to aid others in this process. Every clinician will bring their own worldview into the counseling relationship. Although they should not impose their perspective on the client, it will influence the counseling process.  A Christian Psychologists' worldview is shaped by their faith and their relationship with God. John R. W. Stott said Christianity should provide a “counter-culture with its own distinctive goals, values, standards, and lifestyle – a realistic alternative to the contemporary technocracy which is marked by bondage, materialism, self-centeredness, and greed. Christ’s call to obedience is a call to be different, not conformist.”  

As a Christian Psychologist, theory and research findings are interpreted within the context of Scripture. In other words, primacy is given to Scripture as the filter through which all other truths are interpreted.  In sum, a Christian Psychologist is a trained believer actively utilizing the faith of the client in the healing process through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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