LifeChange Partners

As noted on the home page, counseling in a Christian context can be compared to a discipling process in which the individual is aided in becoming more and more reflective of the life God intends us to live. The popular terminology for this is "spiritual formation."

In a Christian worldview, this is done in the context of relationships. Relationships are central to the process whether talking about counseling or spiritual formation. In counseling, the therapeutic relationship is considered THE major "tool" used to bring about change. Christian relationships, or partners, brothers or sisters who walk with you and help support your life changes as you become more Christ-like are also key to change.

To facilitate this, Dr. Durham has developed a method for structuring this type relationship between Christians, called LifeChange Partners. Used either as part of the counseling process, or, between any Christians seeking to walk out their faith with more support and direction. Downloads are available on the right hand side of the page for your use.




For further help and explanation in using LifeChange Partners, see Dr. Durham's website LifeChange Partners

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