Services of LifeChange online counseling and testing services are limited to people in North Carolina (either living in-state or visiting). Licensing laws vary from state to state but generally, the clinician may only see clients from states in which they are currently licensed to practice.   

How To Get Started

  • Email Dr.Durham with questions.  
  • View available appointment times for Online Services on the Schedule page of this website. An invitation to join the online meeting will be sent sometime within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time.
  • Pray and prepare yourself to be molded God.
  • Pay the fee for the Initial Visit prior to starting the appointment.  In subsequent visits, pay the fee before the visit begins to be most cost effective.
  • Communicate openly and honestly about what the issues are and be open to change.
  • Following the session a receipt suitable for filing with your insurance will be sent to you via email.  Your insurance may, or may not, cover the cost of your visit. Check with your insurance company in advance.
  • Complete any post-session homework assigned and prepare yourself spiritually for the follow up session.  
  • Remember, feel free to ask questions about this process.

About LifeChange Online

LifeChange Online has been established to provide professional Christian counseling services in a secure, online, visual format. 

The purpose of this is primarily to provide an option to those who:

  • have limited or no access to local Christian counseling resources

  • may feel more comfortable receiving services via online video conferencing rather than in an office setting 

  • prefers the convenience and privacy of obtaining services from the comfort of their own home 

  • may need the specific expertise of a Clinical Psychologist for special issues or insurance purposes

Is Online Counseling Secure?

One of the first questions usually asked is "Will this be private and confidential, or will everyone on the internet find out about my issues?"  

LifeChange uses the technical services of a video conferencing company which uses state of the art encryption technology to insure complete privacy and security ofthe connection used for counseling sessions.  

Is Online Counseling Effective?

The second question usually asked is "Does it work as well as traditional office-based counseling?" 

The answer can become quite complex, but in general, there is a growing body of research literature that concludes that online psychotherapy is as effective, and at times, more effective, than traditional types of therapy.  

The most important issue still remains: are you able to develop a therapeutic alliance with the psychologist?

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